Tandskydd Pro nya produkter från FightGear

Tandskydd Pro. Ny modell på tandskydd med dubbla lager från FightGear. Tandskydden kommer i tre olika färger Blå/Vit, Gul/Genomskinlig och Svart/Orange. 


Tandskyddet är tillverkat av dubbla lager varav det innersta formas genom kokning, det här ger mycket bättre passform och skydd genom att alltid ha ett lager intakt. Tandskydden levereras med instruktioner hur man formar dom och med en förvaringsask. Läs mer och köp tandskydden i webshopen 

Rapport från Per Eklunds träning i thailand

Per Eklund profilbild 

Training I Thailand is actually a really nice experience because it’s nice and warm and everything is very cheap so you can enjoy good food and get a massage as often as you need it and that’s really nice when you train hard you get less injuries. I have been in Thailand for about 6 weeks.  

First week i spent at Phi Phi Island with my friends Reza Madadi, Navid Yousefi and Tiam Kakavand. I trained the first two days then i good sun burnt and really bad also. I had big blisters in my head neck and on my shoulder so I had to spend 5 days at my hotel room without training and without sleeping because the blisters where itching like heel!!!

Second week we spent about 1,5 day in Phuket but it got enough it’s just to many tourists and the Thai’s just look and think of you as a walking dollar bill and that really sucks. I needed some peace in my mind so I meet up with one of my best friends Frank and we took the buss to the other side of south Thailand an island called Kho Lanta it’s a really nice place to spend a calm vacation there’s not to many parties and it’s very relaxed. We also hooked up with my friend and thaiboxing coach Ronny Lindqvist as he was on vacation, I only had the opportunity to train with him 2 times when he was here but we have a lot of time to train at home. We found a gym that were not so good but i was lucky to find a really good Thaiboxer that i had opportunity to train with and that´s Puud (Singsiri Jaluksumuth) he has 70 fights and 55 wins he fought 24 times at Lumpini 15 times at Rajadamneun and 8 times at Channel 7. I went up early every morning eat breakfast and then did my morning workout witch was running the beach that took about 30 min in the sand, then i did pushups, sitsup, chinups, squats, jumps and so on for about 30 min until i was really dead then i always did sprints to make sure I didn’t have any energy left. After the morning session i normaly took my motorbike and went around to discover the Island and enjoyed the sun before training in the afternoon with Puud.  

Second week and after 6 classes of Thaiboxing my friend Frank took a thaiboxing match againt the bar owner Todd, who was supposed to weigh the same as Frank around 80kg. As the gym owner William who you should not trust told us that he had trained at his gym once and he was not so good and he would be a good opponent for Frank since he doesn’t have any experience from thaiboxing except the 6 times he trained at Kho Lanta before his fight. It turned out that Todd weighed almost 100kg and was training with William every morning he was even in his corner and coached him during the fight. We knew that Thai’s sometimes do this because they just love to bett money on everything especially boxing, so we were not surprised. Though Frank doesn’t have any experience the fight went very well Frank knocked Todd down once and dominated the clinch but in the later round the weight advantage made Frank tired but Todd was totally gassed out because Frank has ALOT of heart and he was braking Tood down so in the fourth round the referee stopped the fight quite early to Todd’s favor, in Thailand they normally let the guys fight until someone is KO’d this was probably because someone had bet money on Todd and it was his event. That was sad but i was really happy for Frank because he made a really good fight. 

Video from Franks fight is found here 

Third week we spent in Bangkok we went there with Puud and his Swedish girlfriend Anna, who´s been living on Kho Lanta since august last year. Bangkok is a fucking big city when you are in the taxi driving it feels like the city never ends. Puud took us to his gym where he’s been living since he was 8 years old until he was 21 he recently became 22. I really enjoyed the training at his gym and they seemed to be quite happy to have a falang (forengier) there as they only have Thai´s who live at the gym and train there. They showed me alot of technique and i had 2 trainers watching me when is was training it really helped me a lot.  

Fourth week we took of to Ubon to go and train at Ole Laursens gym legacy gym. It’s a really good gym to train at since they have MMA also. They Thaiboxing training is very good here and if you have some experience you will have the opportunity to train with Ole and he is REALLY good and he is also a very nice guy.  

The bell ring everymorning at 0700 then it´s running around the lake 8,6km before doing mits and technique training.Monday Wednesday and (Friday is only boxing sparring) morning after running it’s mitts and technique and in the afternoon its Thaiboxing sparring.  

Tuesday and Thursday it´s running the lake 0700 then mits and technique, more technique than stamina on the mitts. Tuesday afternoon its mits technique and they push you more in the afternoon.  Saturday it’s like every other day run the lake mitts and if you want you can do sparring.  I have not been doing eny MMA since i got a new tattoo but i will start this week. They MMA training is runned by Malik a bjj purple belt from Sweden and they training is good a lot of good ground training but also clinch and takedowns and everything you do in MMA.  I will give a new report in a few days with more about the MMA training as i will start MMA trainig again -:)  

Now I’m almost falling asleep so talk to you in a few days.

Best regards from Per in Thailand